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Your i-Grid user account is the home for all of your power quality data. From here, you'll be able to view data from your i-Sense monitors, set up email notifications, create reports, export data, share data with colleagues and view data shared with you — all available to you in a centralized location, from any computer with a web browser.
i-Sense monitors are the backbone of i-Grid. Your i-Sense monitor will constantly monitor your power, automatically collecting data and sending it to i-Grid for collection, analysis and notification — without any user intervention. Set it up and let i-Grid manage and protect your data.
When you receive your new i-Sense, install it and register it with your i-Grid account. Registration links your i-Sense monitor to your account and enables i-Grid's full functionality. Once registered, you'll be able to easily set up email notifications and begin viewing your power quality data.