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Trusted by businesses worldwide
Businesses both small and large, in many different industries, use i-Grid's exclusive features to keep them informed and on top of their power quality.

Healthcare Supplier
Complex healthcare devices, such as MRI equipment, are extremely sensitive to even minute voltage fluctuations. Malfunctions are often erroneously blamed on equipment fault, resulting in unnecessary and costly maintenance calls. With an i-Sense installed on the MRI, i-Grid can notify field service personnel and hospital staff the instant a voltage fluctuation occurs, preventing a service call. Management and purchasing can run long-term reports to determine problem sites that warrant power conditioning.
Data Center
Modern data centers require constant uninterrupted power to keep clients' critical enterprise systems running. Service level agreements, monetary compensation and potential lost customers hang in the balance. Expensive power conditioning systems need to be constantly evaluated and monitored. The six-channel i-Sense monitor enables simultaneous synchronized capture of both input and output voltage for power conditioning devices, providing a snapshot of both mains and downstream power at the exact time of a voltage event. i-Sense and i-Grid provide validation and confidence to both data center provider and customer that their power and equipment is protected.

Utility Provider
An i-Sense installed at key customer sites provides the utility with a valuable tool for improving customer service and response times. Instant notification can be sent to both utility representative and customer upon any power quality variation. Long-term reports can offer a detailed power quality history, and integration with PQView allows the utility to integrate i-Grid with its existing data infrastructure.
Equipment Manufacturer
Manufacturers and suppliers of highly sensitive equipment can use i-Sense and i-Grid to reduce support costs and unnecessary service calls. When a power quality event occurs, i-Grid can notify both the end user and the manufacturer's field service department. i-Grid validates equipment and saves time and money.
Highly Automated Factory
Equipment malfunction can bring an automated operation to a halt very quickly. In the quest to assign a reason to the downtime, equipment is often labeled faulty when the root cause was, in fact, a voltage fluctuation. Unnecessary maintenance costs and component replacement can be avoided with i-Grid. Facilities and maintenance staff can be immediately alerted to power issues that may have caused equipment malfunction, and historical power quality data can be correlated with production downtime.