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What is i-Grid?

The i-Grid is an innovative, web-based distributed power quality and reliability monitoring and notification system. i-Grid uses low cost i-Sense monitors to capture and transmit power data through the Internet to a central server for display on the i-Grid website, as well as send event notification to monitor owners.

With the i-Grid you can...

  • Receive Event Notifications to Pager/SMS/Email (Show Me)
  • View PQ Event details including voltage waveform and RMS charts.(Show Me)
  • View periodic steady-state voltage captures.(Show Me)
  • Generate customized PDF reports
    on an individual monitor or a group of monitors.
  • Flexibly search your entire PQ Event history (Show Me)
  • Export your data to Excel, XML, or PQDIF
  • Protect your data with the i-Grid Data Security Architecture.
  • View your i-Sense Data from anywhere in the world securely from a web browser
  • Centralize your PQ information from monitors world-wide for easy reporting and analysis
  • Organize your monitors and users into groups and apply flexible security privileges. (Show Me)
i-Sense monitoring locations in the Eastern United States.
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What is i-Sense?

i-Sense monitors are low cost, easy to use, easy to install and virtually maintenance-free. Once installed, the i-Sense transmits your power quality event data to our i-Grid servers via an Ethernet connection. That data is collected, analyzed and sent to subscribers in the form of event notifications — giving you the ability to view detailed power quality event data and reports anytime, anywhere, using any computer with an Internet connection, even your cellphone or pager.

Allen-Bradley Models

Legacy Models

Technical Support

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Primary i-Sense Features:
  • 1-3 phase or dual 3-phase measurement
  • Wide range of nominal voltages supported (100-480V)
    100V, 105V, 110V, 115V, 120V, 125V, 127V, 133V, 139V, 190V, 200V, 208V, 210V, 216V, 220V, 230V, 240V, 254V, 277V, 346V, 380V, 400V, 415V, 440V, 460V, 480V
    Contact i-Grid Support for other nominal voltages.
  • 50/60 Hz Auto-sensing
  • Event Detection by RMS voltage deviation and adaptive wave shape deviation algorithm
  • Periodic logging of 10 minute min/max/avg RMS voltage samples
  • Ethernet Communications
  • Storage for over 300 events (nonvolatile memory event storage)
  • Web-based Management Console for easy setup (Show Me)
  • Long life internal battery allows outage notification
  • Event timestamps are synchronized to UTC (NIST Reference)
  • Conveniently configure your i-Sense prior to installation with a power adapter available through Digi-Key. Order one of the following Digi-Key part numbers: 102-3603-ND, 102-3570-ND, 102-3567-ND. You can also use any power adapter that fulfills these minimum specifications:
    • Input voltage is suitable for the country of installation.
    • Output voltage and regulation must be 9.0vdc with 5% regulation. Unregulated supplies can damage the unit.
    • Output current must be at least .66A (higher is ok).
    • Connector length must be at least 9.5mm.
    • Connector outer diameter must be 5.5mm (inner diameter 2.1mm).