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Power Quality Events

The i-Sense monitor generates different events with waveform data:
PQ Event
The i-Sense detects two types of power quality events: RMS Variation events and Waveshape Variation events. An RMS Variation event is triggered by the i-Sense when the voltage on any of the monitored phases rises above an upper threshold (112%), or falls below a lower threshold (87%).
The Waveshape Variation event algorithm continuously compares each data point on the waveform with the moving average of that point over previous 60 Hz cycles. In other words, the algorithm "learns" the voltage waveform and then detects variations from the "learnt" waveform. This algorithm is sensitive to small deviations and allows triggering on waveform deviations that may not cause an RMS Variation event.
Heartbeat Event
Every 12 to 24 hours, the i-Sense collects a sample of the RMS voltage and voltage waveform. This "Heartbeat" event causes the i-Sense to immediately connect to the i-Grid. Heartbeats are useful for verifying that the i-Sense is operating normally. A heartbeat event can be generated at any time by briefly pushing the LED/button on the i-Sense.
Power Up Event
When the i-Sense is first installed, a "Power Up" heartbeat is recorded. A Power Up event will also be recorded following a firmware change. If your i-Sense battery is dead and the i-Sense experiences a power interruption, a Power Up event will be recorded when power resumes.