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i-Sense LED Flash Rates

Ethernet-based i-Sense Models
Ethernet-based i-Sense monitors come equipped with a green and red LED. These LEDs flash (blink) at different rates to communicate status information. The flash-rates for each LED are explained in detail below.
  i-Sense LEDs

State of LED Green LED Red LED
1 Flash Unit is actively monitoring the electrical power for events. There was a communication error on the last attempt to contact the i-Grid servers. Will retry the connection after a period of time.
2 Flashes Voltage events captured, waiting to transmit. Ethernet interface is not configured and connected to a network. Also displayed while Ethernet interface is initializing or if the network cable is unplugged.
3 Flashes Voltage deviation event detected, voltage has not yet returned to normal (PQ event in progress). Voltage is low. The i-Sense has not detected an AC signal above 90% nominal on each of the enabled voltage channels.
4 Flashes Establishing connection to the i-Grid servers. Both Ethernet and event detection are not initialized yet (combination of status 2 and 3).
5 Flashes Connected to the i-Grid servers, uploading PQ event data. Not Applicable
Constant Not operating properly. Push RESET button until both LEDs fast-blink for 1-2 seconds.
Off Unit has detected a long power outage. It attempted to report the start of the outage to the i-Grid web site before powering off. When the power returns, it will report the end of the power outage.